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Warmly Celebrate Our Company Update ISO9001-2015

On July 8, 2018, the ISO accreditation body conducted a comprehensive and rigorous on-site review of our company's ISO9001 quality management system. All of our company's audit projects have reached the latest ISO9001 quality management system standards in 2015, successfully passed the audit, and successfully obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification (certificate valid until August 23, 2021)
The review mainly focused on the product design and development process of the R&D department; the identification and control of risks and opportunities in the product realization process, quality process control, sales and service concepts, etc., and the combination of on-site audit and document recording. Conducted, and comprehensive verification of the company's equipment and facilities compliance. The members of the expert group unanimously agreed that the materials of our company are fully prepared, and the audited departments and relevant personnel are actively cooperating. At the same time, we have highly praised the positive efforts made by the company's various management systems in the past year.
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