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Why are cuddly toys needed for your little one?

A cuddly toy, as the name suggests, is a toy that a child can easily hug, carry and take with him. He is a friend who is always with comfort when he needs him. At home, in a nursery or kindergarten, as well as during a visit to grandparents. It can be a favorite teddy bear mascot, a rag doll or a plush bunny. The form does not matter, what matters is the task to be done. Cuddly toys become children's best friends. It is with them that the little ones fall asleep, travel, play and spend time playing for hours. For most children, Stuffed Animals are synonymous with safety and peace, and are often a substitute for a parent when they are not around. They help to calm down and get rid of negative emotions.

It is worth remembering that cuddly toys are not only toys that are used for entertainment. They are also sleep assistants, first teachers and keepers of secrets. A beloved teddy bear or a baby doll can bring a lot to a child's life. They teach empathy, because the child shows tenderness and care in the first place, as well as responsibility, because the toddler has to remember about the Stuffed Animals, place them in the right place and take care of them so that they do not get damaged. In addition, the cuddly toys teach independence, e.g. when we try to tell the toddler that the teddy bear needs to be fed or changed. It may be an introduction to having your own pet, which you will actually need to take a walk or take a bath. Playing with a cuddly toy is a time when a child develops creativity, uses recently acquired skills, and develops incredible, friendly relationship. This can be seen by watching your toddler play. Often times, it is also a way to notice possible problems of the child, because the way he behaves among other people will be reflected in the relationship with his stuffed animal.

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